Kommersant Published the Rating of Most Significant Disputes That Include a BIEL Client’s Case

Case description: Alexander Sysoev who established the 2GIS Service divorced his wife Marina, who is also a founder of the company, upon their mutual consent in August 2021. The spouses had concluded a marriage agreement in advance according to which the spouses’ separate property was determined. The ex-wife was supposed to receive the Klever Hotel situated in Altai (approximately estimated at RUR 1.7 to 2 billion), a big amount in cash and funds from bank accounts and deposits.

Pelageya Put Telegin in His Proper Place Again in the Court

The Moscow City Court held a session discussing the appeal filed by representatives of Ivan Telegin, a former husband of Pelageya, a singer. The hockey player who had already lost the trial in May decided to challenge the division of the marital property and retry to win a portion of the assets from the singer by court action, including an apartment in the Nezhinskaya Street bought for the funds provided by her mother.

Woman with a Gain: How Sanctions against Potanin Will Influence His Divorce

Vladimir Potanin, a co-owner of Nornickel, and his ex-wife Natalia have been litigating for more than eight years now. In 2021, the woman succeeded to get the case to be considered in London whose courts are known to be loyal to ex-spouses of big businessmen. Vladimir Potanin challenged the decision at the High Court of London on June 27, 2022 according to which Natalia can get one half of his share in Nornickel (which share is now estimated at about $9.1 billion) and one half of all the dividend paid since 2014. The United Kingdom included Vladimir Potanin in the sanction lists on June 29. How much did it increase Natalia Potanina’s chances for success in one of the most expensive divorce proceedings in the world?

“Personal attacks are a clear indication of fear and weak position”

Any counsel involved in proceedings inside a former married couple knows how emotionally difficult this process is. The attention of the press only aggravates this difficulty. Helping defend and fairly divide family assets in matrimonial disputes, lawyers often become those on whom the losing opponent takes it out. Philipp Ryabchenko, a managing partner of BIEL, a law firm, tells us about methods of information attacks and a strategy to defend the lawyer’s reputation.

Family Law of Philipp Ryabchenko

Divorce proceedings are always sensitive cases requiring a deep personal involvement of the lawyer. Divorces of public persons and famous performers are double more difficult because they are accompanied by a proactive attention of the press. Philipp Ryabchenko, a managing partner of BIEL, a law firm, representing the interests of Forbes-listed businessmen and show business stars, such as Pelageya and Polina Gagarina, tells us what helps him uphold the principles of ethics in the family law.

Philipp Ryabchenko Comments on How the Co-owner of Maria-Ra Chain and Ex-Member of the Forbes List is Divorcing in London

The divorce proceeding between Alla Rakshina, a co-owner of Maria-Ra, Siberia’s largest retail chain, and a Greek, Lazaros Xanthopoulos, has been under way since 2020. The spouses have already spent £5.4 million for the proceeding where all the expenses are paid by Rakshina’s company. Xanthopoulos calls himself a house husband and asserts that Rakshina’s fortune is at least £300 million

An Attack of Fraudsters on Accounts of a Foreign Company Failed. The Lawyers of the Company Protected Its Assets.

An attempt to withdraw money of a consulting firm was stopped in the customer service area.

As Kommersant learnt, the Presnensky Court of the Moscow City began proceedings in the case relating to an attempt to steal big amounts of money using forged documents from the bank account of Good Energy Corp., an international consulting company. According to the investigators, the chief executive of a construction company, a former officer of the Vympel Special Force of the Federal Security Service and a former manager of an IT company were involved in the fraud which failed due to the vigilance of bank employees. Intriguingly, another attempt to seize Good Energy money was made recently and is investigated in Krasnodar. There, according to the investigators, some other fraudsters decided to use a civil court award for obtaining which they prepared some counterfeited documents.

BIEL, a Law Firm, Represents the Interests of Businessman A.V. Sysoev, a Founder of 2GIS.

A case for dividing the family property between the businessman’s wife and A.V. Sysoev, the founder of 2GIS, was filed with the court. BIEL agreed to protect the interests of the businessman. As explained by managing partner Philipp Ryabchenko, the property division scenario suggested by the ex-wife is aimed at revising the arrangements made by the spouses upon the dissolution of their marriage. In the opinion of Philipp Ryabchenko, the arguments put forward by the wife in the statement of claim are unconvincing.