BIEL Law Firm Is Representing Modulbank in a Golden Parachute Payment Dispute with Former Top Managers.

The Ostankinsky District Court dismissed legal claims of Andrey Petrov, one of the founders of Modulbank, against the bank. This was told to Vedomosti by Modulbank’s representative and confirmed by Petrov’s lawyer Roman Frantsev. Petrov filed a claim against Modulbank because the labor contracts had been breached. The same was done by two more founders of Modulbank, Oleg Laguta and Yakov Novikov, and the court will consider their claims on July 8 and June 19, accordingly.

Real Estate Registration Law to Undergo Major Changes, Says Law Firm Partner Nikolai Sapozhnikov.

In his comments to the “AG”, Nikolai Sapozhnikov, a BIEL partner, said that the draft law has just been submitted to the State Duma and it is premature to judge how it will evolve as a results of discussion. “At first sight, it seems that the amendments, rather than envisage any revolutionary changes, tend to refine and specify the existing law with reference to current legal practices”, he believes.

Supreme Court Ruled How Change of Tenant Affect Agreement Terms.

Nikolai Sapozhnikov, a BIEL partner, pointed out that the Supreme Court reminded the lower courts of a principal difference between the cases where public land was originally provided to tenants for construction on a time-bound basis and the cases where the long-term lease rights for land under construction originally emerged as a result of re-registration of the constant (perpetual) use right.

Forbes Magazine with Philip Ryabchenko, BIEL Managing Partner, Published Article on Divorce Cases in London.

According to the UK’s Ministry of Justice, British courts received nearly 70,000 online divorce claims over the last 20 months. In 2019, the High Court of England and Wales considered the divorce cases of billionaires Vladimir Potanin and Farkhad Akhmedov, Boris Shemyakin, President of Kuznetsky Most Development, and former NMTP Director Igor Vilinov. This list is by far not exhaustive because in each case the court decides on the confidentiality of proceedings, with many divorce cases remaining secret. Why will rich people divide their stack in London?

BIEL Re-Nominated Best of Legal Market by Kommersant Publishing House.

 t is not for the first time that BIEL takes the leading position among other law firms.
Its lawyers and the company itself traditionally ranked first in family and inheritance law.
This year, the company was also nominated among the best in the category “Land, property and construction”.