BIEL Law Firmís Senior Partner as a Member of the Expert Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Participated in the Meeting of the Working Group

Projects for creation of a “flexible wheel” for the railroad transport, production of high-strength composite materials, medical contact lenses as well as creation of IT platforms for digital reengineering of enterprises, predictive analytics at metallurgical and mining businesses, and organization of network bio banks of tissues and cell products will be supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). Such a decision was made by the experts of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives at the meeting of the Business Projects Working Group which was held in Moscow on October 26.

Philipp Ryabchenko Acted as a Speaker at the Conference Devoted to Family Law Issues

The family and inheritance legislation is a rapidly developing area of the Russian law, the influence of which stretches far beyond the kindred relationships. Legislative novelties (first and foremost, the reform of the Civil Code) and fairly inconsistent judicial practices actively influence corporate management and structuring of deals, assets and fortunes.

Philipp Ryabchenko, Partner of BIEL Law Firm, Gave a Comment on Family Law for the Kommersant Newspaper

A matrimonial contract is considered to be the most reliable out-of-court method of division of the property of spouses. In case of a trans-border family dispute, a matrimonial contract can however fail. For example, the requirements for a matrimonial contract entered into in England are stricter than those in Russia. Consequently, if spouses do not exclude their movement abroad, their matrimonial contract should meet the requirements of the foreign legislation in order not to be ignored.

A Russian Billionaire Can Lose an Expensive Yacht according to the Decision of the London Court

The London Court ordered to arrest the yacht of Farkhad Akhmedov, a Russian businessman, following a claim of his ex-wife though. He says himself that it has to do with politics and assures that his ex-wife is already well-maintained. Billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov reminded immediately that UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had threatened Russians with attachment of assets, but in fact the London Court had made a decision on the divorce of Akhmedov and his wife as early as in 2017 — which was one of the most expensive proceedings in the UK history.

Kommersant Publishing House Published a Rating of the Legal Service Market. BIEL Continues to Lead in the Field of the Family Law.

Kommersant Publishing House published a rating of the legal service market. BIEL Law Firm continues to lead in the field of the family law. Kommersant Publishing House publishes the fourth annual rating of the legal service market. We thank the law firms for participation and the business for using the rating in assessing the reliability and choosing the consultants.