Kommersant Published the Rating of Most Significant Disputes That Include a BIEL Client’s Case

20 October 2022

Client: Alexander Sysoev, investor
Financial estimate: over RUR 5 billion
Law firm: BIEL
Key lawyers: Philipp Ryabchenko

Case description: Alexander Sysoev who established the 2GIS Service divorced his wife Marina, who is also a founder of the company, upon their mutual consent in August 2021. The spouses had concluded a marriage agreement in advance according to which the spouses’ separate property was determined. The ex-wife was supposed to receive the Klever Hotel situated in Altai (approximately estimated at RUR 1.7 to 2 billion), a big amount in cash and funds from bank accounts and deposits.

However, Mrs. Sysoeva filed a claim against her ex-husband for invalidating the marriage agreement. The ex-wife claimed that the marriage agreement should be challenged and a compensation for the sale of the company should be recovered. 75% of the shares in 2GIS were sold to Tsifrovye Aktivy (Digital Assets), a subsidiary of Sberbank. It bought 72% of the shares and 3% were purchased by O2O (a joint venture between the Bank and Group). The remaining 25% of the shares were left for the founders and the management.

The Lefortovo Court of the Moscow City dismissed the claim for invalidating the marriage agreement in October 2022. The Court determined that the joint property had been distributed fairly.