Disputes over Collection of Icons Do Not Subside

7 April 2016

The collection of icons which belonged to Mikhail de Buar who died in 2009 has become the subject of hereditary litigation. The long-running conflict between the client of BIEL, a law firm, and other heirs of the late collector was resolved as early as 2012 with direct participation in the settlement of Filipp Ryabchenko, BIEL Partner. The parties to the dispute agreed then on an amicable settlement under which masterpieces of the Old Russian Art were to remain as a single undivided collection in Russia.

However, the Court of the Hamovniki District of Moscow has started examination of a civil lawsuit of Irina Berezhnaya, daughter of the late collector and art patron Mikhail de Buar, who demanded the collection of Old Russian masterpieces to be divided.

By agreement with other heirs, L.V. Elizavetina, client of BIEL, a law firm, gave up her share in the decedent's estate for value received and withdrew from the dispute. At present, L.V. Elizavetina engages in public activities and charity.

Due to the above, we kindly ask the mass media not to disturb L.V. Elizavetina on issues related to litigations which have been resumed between the remaining heirs.

For more information, please refer to BIEL, a law firm.