ASI Expert Council Approved Eight Projects For Follow-up

13 October 2015

On October 13, 2015 Philip Ryabchenko, BIEL senior partner, attended an expert council meeting of the Business Project working group under the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

At the meeting, the Expert Council approved eight projects to be followed up.

First project – developing domestic production of coronary guiding catheters and other high-tech medical products for blood vessel and heart surgery in Novosibirsk. The initiative is aimed at substitution of medical equipment imports in performing stenting surgery on patients diagnosed for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). This will increase the relative recovery rate for all stenosis cases from 26 to 40-50 percent without further budget expenditures and achieve a lower countrywide mortality rate in line with the parameters set in the May Decrees adopted by RF President V.V. Putin.

Second project – establishing a Center for development and introduction of high-speed electron treatment of products in the Kaluga Region. This technology will allow to sizably build up production and improve the preservation quality of products including perishable products without undermining their properties and jeopardizing human health.

Third project – developing production of QTECH communication equipment to provide domestic state-owned and private companies with domestically produced Ethernet switches and routers, with a prospect of marketing in Latin America and Middle East.

Fourth project – introducing a technology to process fluorine-containing waste, in particular, depleted uranium hexafluoride which so far has been too costly to store without processing, only to reduce the profitability of the nuclear power sector. Once processed, this substance will allow to obtain anhydrous hydrogen fluoride required for production of all industrial fluorine compounds, fluoride polymers, halocarbons, electronic gases, gas dielectrics, uranium hexafluoride and aluminum.

Fifth project – power saving certification of businesses based on international standards.

Sixth project – developing industrial scale fleece fiber production from polyethylene terephthalate in the Ivanovo Region for the first time in Russia.

Seventh project – upgrading the plant for production of granulated sugar and byproducts in the Orel Region.

Finally, eighth project – resuming production at the Solombal full cycle timber works in the Archangelsk Region to export timber and fuel pellets.