Arkady Rotenberg’s capital remained intact

5 September 2013

Senior partner of the law firm “BIEL” Philipp Ryabchenko appeared as a lawyer of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg in the divorce process and helped his client to defend the integrity of the capital, despite the efforts of lawyers of the businessman’s former wife.

The strategy of Natalia Rotenberg’s lawyers was built on the challenge of legality of the marriage contract between the former spouses. According to the information from Kyra Voronkova, the lawyer of Rotenberg’s ex-wife, this contract, in her opinion, was made with violations of the requirements of the current legislation, and therefore its termination puts the former wife in a disadvantaged position in regard to the property comparing to her ex-husband, since it does not allow dividing the husband’s property equally between the divorcing spouses. Even more so, as Voronkova says, in this marriage two sons were born.

However, Natalia’s lawyers did not succeed in challenging of the marriage contract in the court. Tushinskiy court of Moscow dismissed the claim for recognition of the marriage contract invalid. As the partner of the law firm “BIEL” Philipp Ryabchenko informed, Arkady Rotenberg had divorced from his second wife Natalia in April 2013 by the decision of the magistrate of Judicial District No. 160 of Tushinskiy District of Moscow. The former wife of the businessman tried to appeal the decision by addressing to the Tushinskiy court. However, the court recognized the validity of the magistrate’s decision and upheld it on August 2. Following this, the former wife of the businessman tried to challenge the legality of the marriage contract.

However, Philipp Ryabchenko from the very beginning considered very unlikely the possibility of recognition the marriage contract invalid, because, in his opinion, the contract was executed correctly and legally approved by a notary. The importance of this statement is quite high: if the marriage contract was held invalid by the court, Rotenberg would have had to give half of his capital to the ownership of the former spouse.

Philipp Ryabchenko considers logical and reasonable the decision made by the court on recognition of the legal force of the marriage contract. “Taking in consideration the circumstances that were presented to the court, the complete dismissal of the claim is a lawful decision”, he said.

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