Senior partner of the Law firm BIEL Philipp Ryabchenko represents interests of Arkady Rotenberg in divorce proceedings

14 August 2013

Divorce proceedings between billionaire Arkady Rotenberg and his wife Natalia ended on August 2nd in Tushinskiy District Court, after an unsuccessful appeal. Interests of the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored coach and Honored Worker of Physical Education of the Russian Federation, the owner of the capital of $3.3 billion were represented by the Senior partner of the Law firm BIEL Philipp Ryabchenko. He confirmed that the divorce was held on the initiative of Rothenberg himself, although the decision was mutual.

The complexity of this process is that the former wife of the businessman went to court with two lawsuits at once. In the first of them property claims were forwarded against her ex-husband; the second one contains the request to recognize the marriage contract invalid. These two lawsuits will be considered in Tushinskiy District Court on September 3rd and 4th. Lawyer of the billionaire’s former wife Kira Voronkova said that marital rights of her client were infringed, and the extent of the damage could not be expressed in figures. However, Philipp Ryabchenko believes that as long as the status of the marriage contract is not clarified, the property division is out of the question.