2GIS Founderís Ex-Wife Could Not Sue RUR 1.5 Billion for the Stake in the Sold Company

10 April 2023

The Lefortovo Court of Moscow dismissed the suit of the ex-wife of Alexander Sysoev, who established the 2GIS Service, for compensating more than RUR 1.5 billion after a stake in the company was sold, as reported by the businessman’s lawyer Philipp Ryabchenko to the Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information (RAPSI).

“In the action for paying a multibillion compensation, Marina Sysoeva’s counsels claimed that my client should pay a percentage of the sold stake in the company and a compensation for the dividend. The arguments of her counsels were again based on a complicated psycho-emotional condition of their clientess and on a demand that the court should ignore the provisions of the marriage agreement. The court didn’t believe that the ex-wife’s case was convincing and dismissed the suit,” Ryabchenko noted.

In August 2020, 75% of the shares in 2GIS were sold to Tsifrovye Aktivy (Digital Assets), a subsidiary of Sberbank: 72% were acquired by Sberbank’s subsidiary and 3% were purchased by O2O (a joint venture between the Bank and Group). The remaining 25% of the shares in the company were left for the founders and the management of the Service.

The marriage between the founder of the Service and Marina Sysoeva who is also a founder of the company was dissolved in August 2021, and the marriage agreement had been entered into 8 months before their official divorce. According to its terms and conditions, the spouses’ separate property was determined. According to the lawyer, the ex-wife became the owner of the Klever Hotel situated in Altai, a “big amount” as a payoff and funds from bank accounts and deposits in her name.

Sysoeva had earlier attempted to invalidate the marriage agreement because before signing it she had a COVID-19-like disease and took medicines giving a sedative effect. The Lefortovo Court of Moscow dismissed the claim in October.
The defendant’s counsels insist that the ex-wife has received the proper share and the payment of additional amounts will make the divorce unfair because she would then receive more than 50% of the common property. Sysoeva and her representatives refuse to make any comments to RAPSI.