Family Law

Family law is the branch of Russian law regulating the relations between spouses and their children, as well as the rights and obligations of spouses and parents, property regime, issues of inheritance (inheritance law).

Issues of family law are very thin and delicate, and often affect the interests of a child. Understanding this, the law firm “BIEL” makes every effort to prevent possible disputes and promote peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Within the framework of set tasks “BIEL” experts in family law provide the following services:

  • preparation of marriage contracts;
  • preparation of agreements on definition of the place of residence of a child;
  • preparation of agreements on division of a jointly acquired property;
  • participation in pre-trial procedures for the peaceful settlement of disputes arising from marital and family relations;
  • preparation of wills;
  • advising on the procedure of accedence to an inheritance;
  • assistance in the legalization of rights to an inheritance;
  • representing of interests of spouses and heirs in court;
  • and others.