Administrative Law

Administrative law is the branch of law that regulates public relations in the sphere of management activities of bodies and officials on the execution of public functions of the state and municipalities.

As in any other country in the world, entrepreneurs when doing business in Russia have to pass inspections of the regulatory bodies and agencies of the State.

In practice, there may be situations where the requirements, regulations and other pretensions from the state are illegal.

Practicing experts of the firm “BIEL” are always ready to assist in protecting you and your business by providing the following services:

  • preparation of objections, clarifications and answers to inquiries, orders, requirements of the regulatory bodies;
  • preparation of complaints to higher authorities concerning the illegal actions / inactions and decisions of the public authorities and officials;
  • participation as a representative in case of inspections of an organization’s activity by the regulatory bodies;
  • appeal in accordance with the established procedure of actions / inactions and decisions of the state bodies and officials;
  • representing of interests of taxpayers in court;
  • and others.