Corporate Law (internal documents, contracts, due diligence, disputes, legal defense)

Corporate law is the most complex aggregate of rules governing companies’ activities. Corporate law includes a corpus of the established by law and by the company itself rules defining the system of management within the company, the relationship of the founders (shareholders / participants) with the company itself, the relationship of the company and its partners (contractors), the relationship of the company with the state and regulatory bodies.

In this branch of Russian Law the law firm “BIEL” is ready to provide the following services:

  • drafting of employment contracts, job descriptions, shareholder agreements, Articles of Association and Charters, and other internal documents of a company;
  • expert examination of constitutive and other internal documents of a company;
  • verification of compliance with employment laws in an organization, development of recommendations;
  • preparation of new and analysis of existing contracts, agreements;
  • participation in negotiations to agree the terms of contracts, order of execution of contracts, terms and procedures of termination;
  • Due diligence (a comprehensive study of a company’s activity, its financial condition and market position);
  • formation of the legal position and representing of interests in pre-contractual disputes;
  • in the client's interests participation in cases of entities’ bankruptcy;
  • representing of clients’ interests in court;
  • and others.