“BIEL” traces its history back to December 24, 1991.

In 1991, a student of Novosibirsk Law Institute — the branch of Tomsk State University in Novosibirsk - Larisa Ryabchenko (economist-mathematician by the first education) and her teacher — Lyudmila Shmaylova (Assistant Professor of the International Law Chair of Tomsk State University, Candidate of Legal Sciences [Ph.D.  in Law]) decided to unite and create a law firm.

The name “BIEL” was created from the first letters of the words “business”, “economy”, “legitimation”; and two first letters of the founders’ names in Latin formed the logo of the company.

Since the first years of activity “BIEL” has established itself as the undisputed leader of the legal services market, having asserted in the period from 1993 to 1994, the interests of Novosibirsk Tin Industrial Combine in a dispute with the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation regarding the legality of privatization of the Industrial Combine (refer to link (pdf)).

April 27, 1995 — the law firm “BIEL” moved its main office to Moscow.

July 13, 1995 — “BIEL” became one of the first Russian law firms licensed for “rendering of paid legal services” (formerly this activity was licensed.).

Since the above start of work in Moscow the more significant Russian and worldwide companies began to resort to the law firm “BIEL”.

In 1997, “BIEL” successfully represented the interests of shareholders (company “Renaissance Nominees (Cyprus) Limited”) in a dispute with Novolipetsk Metallurgical Industrial Combine (read more (pdf)).

In 1999, with the help of the law firm “BIEL” Kenneth Dart’s company Navaromco Ltd. challenged in court the legality of stock issue of the oil-producing enterprise “Noyabrskneftegaz" (NNG) [Noyabrsk oil and gas] and on the results of the trials received $ 80 million U.S. dollars as a compensation while the initial share price was $ 2 million U.S. dollars (read more 1 (pdf), read more 2 (pdf)).

In 2003, the verdict of New York court put a full stop in the famous case of the OJSC [Open Joint-Stock Company] “Film studio “Soyuzmultfilm” owing to the consistent struggle of “BIEL” lawyers for the rights of the client (company “Films by Jove”) and the document discovered in the papers of the case on a commercial dispute, which document was the evidence of pressure on the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation by the Russian authorities (read more (pdf)).

In 2005 Stockholm International Commercial Arbitral Tribunal awarded to collect from Moscow Oil Refinery (MOR) in favor of “BIEL” client (company “Joy-Lud Distributors Int., Inc.”) $ 28 million U.S. dollars. In 2006, the Presidium of the Supreme Commercial Court acknowledged this award (read more (pdf)).

In 2009, “BIEL” lawyers asserted in the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation the rights of the Shopping Center “Smolensky Passage” (CJSC [Closed Joint-Stock Company] “Mosstroyeconombank”) in a dispute with its tenant — the Finnish company “Stockmann” (read more 1 (pdf), read more 2 (pdf)).

In 2017 Biel law firm ranked first in the Rating of providers of legal services for resolution of family and inheritance law disputes.

Since its establishment the law firm “BIEL” free of charge successfully helped to restore justice in regard to vulnerable individuals and organizations.

From 1995 to 1999 “BIEL” lawyers helped and returned in court the building of the Temple “In the name of Jerusalem Icon of the Mother of God at Pokrovskaya outpost” of the Russian Orthodox Church, having defended the rights of the Russian Orthodox Church in a dispute with the bank “Yugorsky”.

“BIEL” provided legal support to the Regional Tatar National-Cultural Autonomy to return to Moscow Tatar Community of the historic building, built in 1913 and owned by the Tatars since pre-revolutionary times, building of house No. 8 in Maly Tatarsky side street (2002).

From 2005 to 2007, our lawyers represented the interests of Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church in a dispute with the OJSC [Open Joint-Stock Company] “Moscow Machine Building Plant “Znamya” [“Banner”] to return to the Church the Temple of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Butyrskaya suburb.

From 2007 to 2008, “BIEL” lawyers simultaneously represented the interests of the Department of Education of Moscow and of the Territorial Directorate of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management in the city of Moscow in a dispute with the CJSC [Closed Joint-Stock Company] “Firm Zarnitsa” [“Firm Summer Lightning”] (before privatization — Moscow Headwear Factory “Krasny Voin” [“Red Warrior”) to return to the state ownership and subsequently to transfer the illegally privatized building to College No. 44 of the Secondary Vocational Education.

Currently, the law firm “BIEL” continues to help our clients to create, develop, and defend their business in Russia.