The Strategic Initiative Agency will Support Five Unique Business Projects

3 February 2016

The following projects ľ each of which makes solution of import substitution issues much easier ľ have been reviewed and approved:

1. Organization of Series-Assembly Production of IGBT Modules for a Broad Range of Capacities (Project Leader ľ └.áYu.áSemenov, a series production of semiconductor power deviceľ IGBT-modules)

2. Development of Voice Technology and Biometrics (Project Leader ľ D.áV.áDyrmovsky, a hybrid voice synthesis and technology of recognition of the Russian colloquial language with noise removal)

3. Organization of Production of Erbilight Laser Medical Perforators (Project Leader ľ ┼.áV.áSavchuk, a series production of laser perforators for non-contact and safe finger skin puncture for blood test sampling).

4. Establishment of Modern Pharmaceutical Production of Medical Drugs for Pulmonary Disease Treatment (Project Leader ľ Ď.á└.áBalayev, production of medical drugs for treatment of the entire range of pulmonary diseases).

5. Development of Remote Soil Probing Technology (Project Leader ľ └.á┼.áSemenov, development of the remote soil probing drone-based technologies for cadastral operations, power transmission line monitoring, agriculture and geologic exploration).

So, the Strategic Initiative Agency selects the most important lines to have the current and long-term economic situation improved.