Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) has approved 10 projects of the “New Business” line

6 November 2013

The regular meeting of the Working Group of the Expert Council “Business Projects” at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) ended on October 31st. In 10 projects of the “New Business” line were studied. The senior partner of the Law firm “BIEL” Philipp Ryabchenko took part in the work of the Expert Council.

Presentation sof the projects were introduced at the event, during which their leaders substantiated the economic and strategic feasibility of the proposed initiatives, explained their purpose to seek the support of the ASI. Participants of the meeting received from the projects’ leaders answers to their numerous questions, clarifying the probability of risks and the level of the projects’ compliance with criteria of selection. The senior partner of the Law firm “BIEL” Philipp Ryabchenko took part in the work of the Expert Council. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Board of the Fund “Endowment NGU” Alexander Kychakov. In the interview at the end of the discussion, he said that all the projects can be divided into two groups: the first group includes more or less standard ideas, and the ASI has already developed the experience in supporting of such projects; the second group includes absolutely new projects of serious federal level, where new supporting mechanisms are to be tested and developed.

Projects’ initiators had to answer questions of qualified experts to defend their ideas as regards their compliance with the selection criteria. It was not easy to do, but all the participants succeeded. Sergey Dolinsky came to the ASI with the project of revolutionary technology of oil refining, which proved difficult to be implemented at the local evel:

“I liked the atmosphere of the meeting. It was really a discussion of interested persons, and they are experts who asked the right questions. No irrelevant questions were asked, and decisions are made very quickly, and solutions are even more than we expected. Our leadership project was transferred into strategic project. It is very pleasant. The essence of our project is to transfer losses into profits, i.e.  to make from burnt gas a synthetic oil, which is better than mineral oil.”

As a result of the review all 10 projects have been approved by the Working Group. Maxim Sokolov, one of the leaders successfully presented the project applied to ASI with the project of cost-effective greenhouses that allow enhancing of the productivity of vegetables by 30%. He said that from the application to the ASI expected the support of the developer of information management systems to overcome the administrative resources to promote Russian technologies at foreign and domestic markets. Among the other winners there is “Innovative agrocomplex ”Green Leaves“ in the Primorsky Territory” (Marchenko V.V.), “Antares 4G LTE — building of the federal communication network of the new generation by LTE technology” (Roitman E.V.), “Implementation of modern technologies of elite seed and commercial vegetable production and deep integrated processing of agricultural raw materials in Stavropolsky Territory” (Savchenko V.I.),"Creating of the production facility for sorting and recycling of broken glass in the Moscow Region“ (Bromberg M.B.), ”Creating of the production of composite material Polykeramoplast“ (Saychuk L.P.), and others.

However, this victory should be considered only the first step on the path to success. The projects’ leaders have yet to get the assessment of the Bureau of the Expert and Supervisory Councils.